Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Democratic-Republican Party

I have been having many online conversations with both Republicans and Democrats, along with the few who call themselves Independent or Libertarian, etc. One thing I have noticed is, the Democrats and Republicans have been getting very nasty to each other online, and also in the "real world". I don't believe some of the things I read and hear from people on BOTH sides of the fence! What once was "We, The People" has become "Us and Them". We have been divided and conquered, my friends. And most of us don't even know it!

History lesson:
All of our founding fathers were Republicans originally, because they were actually forming a Republic.
Benjamin Franklin, when asked what type of Government they were forming, wisely answered, "A Republic, if you can keep it".
Mr. Franklin knew the ways of men and politics very well! It wasn't long before the Federalists wanted to take more power over the individual states.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison countered the Federalists by creating the Democratic-Republican Party. They could see the influence the aristocracies were having in Government from miles away, and the party was created to to keep Democracy in government. "We, The People" meant ALL of us...and each state would be able to Govern itself, without giving total power to the "Federal" Government. Unfortunately, after Jefferson's term in office, it all fell apart, and eventually became the Democrats and Republicans that we have to this day. Now instead of working things out within the one party, we fight each other tooth and nail about which side we are on. The results are that now a corporation or person can buy politicians, judges, and just about anyone they want to.

I am writing in the hopes that this will make some of you think, and stop fighting between yourselves! We are letting them destroy our Republic by pushing our hate buttons every day in the media. We argue over flags, gay rights, immigrants, guns, we even argue over which religion is the standard for our country. Meanwhile, in back rooms when no one is paying attention they pass legislation that affects us all....that no-one is even allowed to read! "If you want to keep your job, you'll sign here". It reminds me of the scene in "The Godfather" ..."Either your signature goes on that contract...or your brains do."

In conclusion, I'd like to say that in this world of technology, ignorance is a CHOICE!
The next time you see a post on facebook that you agree with, or even disagree with, for god's sake, at least research it a little to find out if it's even true before you just blindly pass it on!

A democracy of ignorant people is NOT working!! We must educate ourselves if we ever want to take back our country!

I say, bring back the Democratic-Republican Party, and start talking to each other like intelligent adults!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Sea of Ethereal

From cave drawings, to robot airplanes in space
we have embarked on this ethereal sea

Communication, interaction, a distraction.....
sent messages in bottles, with love from you to me

Frequency unknown, your device is not calibrated,
A fatal error has occurred....!

"We no longer accept messages in bottles, nor cave drawings...
this type of information has been deprecated...
rendered now absurd!"

# [chorus]
Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, satellites, drones, and pigs on the wing
I've been watching for decades, and humans STILL can't learn a thing!

Dreamers, poets, artists, dancers, and lovers... all bare and share their soul
for your "infortainment"
....on your own personal idiot boxes

Hypatia, Galileo, King Arthur, Tesla, Jesus... and even Crazy Horse...
none could stop the blind mobs ..
of the gold-toting foxes

# [chorus]
Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, satellites, drones and pigs on the wing
I've been watching for decades, and humans STILL can't seem to learn a thing!

Global warming of the village has been making the monkeys nervous....
and they are still afraid of it's bright light

The new world order, global consciousness, the eventual fall to grace...
will be truly a miraculous site!

# [chorus]
Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, satellites, drones, and pigs on the wing
I've been watching for decades, and humans STILL can't learn a thing...

The monkeys all play in the darkness and point at the moon...
as they covet it for themselves, for it's glory and power

Fourty six and two troglodytes notice that it's cooler in the shade..
depending on the angle of the sun, and the hour

Ten million priests, doctors, lawyers, and jesters who all wore heavy cloaks in the court sun
They petitioned the king, so he proudly proclaimed;
  "The 'Son God' is declared no longer the center of the universe!"
...and he immediately commissioned the court masons to build a tower,
and snuff out this annoyance at once!

The tower fell.. (of course) and the king was exiled in shame
and as he sat in the darkness with the monkeys, and fourty-six and two troglodytes
they all started pointing at the moon...

All of the pharaohs and pirates
all your heroes and villains
all your demons and gods
all the wizards and sods
the red and the blue
the left and the right
are all but messages in bottles
floating on the sea in the brilliant moonlight...

of this ethereal sea

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Net Neutrality

What is "Net Neutrality?"

Before I begin, I would like everyone who doesn't fully understand what "Net Neutrality" actually is, to please watch the video below:

<a href="">NY Times Video</a>

[ Ref: ]

That being understood, your internet connection is currently totally controlled by the Internet Service Providers like TWC, ATT, Verizon, Comcast and etc. They really do have the power to control every aspect of your internet connection, from your connection speed, to being able to block out certain websites, domains, and IP address. This also includes your internet browsing history, and online activity which can be used against you in court. This means it's up to you to learn about, and practice safe conduct online!

That much power in the hands of the "movers of the packets", and the "keepers of the bandwidth" sounds almost scary, doesn't it? In fact, in order to run the network you are subscribed to, they have to control the network traffic to make it work all work. There is no way around it.

To protect our rights, and be able to set standards for everyone to be truly "net neutral", there becomes the need to have rules set up be make sure everyone plays fair. Agreed?

As President Obama points out in the video below, Net Neutrality is protected under Title II, of the Telecommunications act of 1996.

[ Ref: and ]

This is all well and good, and since there is no monopoly of the almighty bandwidth by any one giant corporate entity, you always have the right to vote with your dollar, and switch ISPs. This forces the ISPs who don't want to lose their customers to be competitive and honest, and it also keeps prices down for the end user (that's us!). This is how business is supposed to work in the USA, right?

At this point I would like to steal a line from the late Paul Harvey, and say:

"And now... the rest of the story."

Tom Wheeler

"Thomas Edgar Wheeler (born April 5, 1946; Redlands, California) is the current Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He was appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013. Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, with positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA)."

[ quoted from: ]

At face value one could say that Mr. Wheeler has all the experience needed to lead the FCC, because he understands the infrastructure and how business is done from his telecom experience. The problem comes with if he and the federal government takes more control over the internet, and decided to start imposing federal Taxation. This would shift the power to the FCC over more issues than just Net Neutrality, and may take away the competitive edge for the existing telecom companies. In other words, Mr. Wheeler would know just how to take over the internet, and put it under total control of the FCC. And if he is still a venture capitalist, this would be a major conflict of interest and highly illegal.

According to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

"We have now, under the president's urging with the FCC, moved from pursuing a free and open Internet to regulating the Internet end to end."

[ Ref: ]

"Ajit Pai, one of two Republican Commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), inferred in a tweet that President Barack Obama’s secret, 332-page “Net Neutrality” document is a scheme for federal micro-managing of the Internet to extract billions in new taxes from consumers and again enforce progressives’ idea of honest, equitable, and balanced content fairness."
[ Ref: ]

In conclusion, this reporter believes that Net Neutrality is a very important thing to maintain, but not if it puts the Federal Government in total control. We are net neutral as it is now, and we are currently regulated under a telecommunications act originally from 1934 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and reclassified in 1996 by Bill Clinton. Internet technology has changed quite a lot since 1996, and another reclassification may be in order. But I never like when the Government keeps all the fine print a secret from the public when they pass new laws.

I am going to pass on supporting the reclassification, until we know what is actually in the mysterious 332 secret pages! Total Federal Government Control is the opposite of "Net Neutral"!

Jeff Bechter ~ February 25, 2015

All reprinting rights hereby granted, in the interest of informing the public.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The other day, I found a very nice mobile phone laying on the ground in a parking lot in south Akron. I picked it up thinking, "Wow, this is a nice phone!" and I'll admit my first thought was to keep it to use, or sell it. I took the phone to a place where they sell phones where I know the guy who works needed charged up, and I wanted him to tell me what it was worth and etc. I decided that I should do the right thing, and get ahold of the person who lost the phone and tell them I have it, and they can have it back....karma right? The guy at the store agreed with me and said it was a nice thing to do. He looked on the phone after it was charged and found an alternative number for who he assumed owned it, and let me call them using his store telephone. The young lady sounded glad she had located her phone, and we exchanged numbers, and arranged to meet at a local place for me to give it back to her. When she arrived, she didn't even park in a parking spot, and just sat there in front of the place with her emergency flashers on and I had to run out to her truck to meet her. Her boyfriend (I assume) was the person I talked to, and she was on her other cell phone and never got off the phone the whole time I stood there. Her boyfriend said thanx, and he gave me a 5 dollar bill and they took off.

The next day, I get a call back from the girl, and she starts asking me questions like "While you had the phone, was it ever out of your possession?" and I told her just at the store where I took it to charge it up. She then told me that someone had stolen her flash card out of the phone that has 1000's of pictures on it. I said it surely wasn't me who took anything, I was the guy who told her I found her phone....why would I do that? I would have just kept the phone, right? She had already reported the phone stolen, and she started making vague threats about going after who stole her flash-card with the police, and then asked me where the store was and if I would meet her there to talk about the situation the next day... OH BOY!!! Later that night I went with a good friend that to see a couple really good bands that our friends play in, and we kinda tied one on and had a great time!

The next day ...while very hungover, I get a call from them saying they are at the store, and I need to come down there..! I went to the place, and the girl was in the back room watching the store security video, and telling me to just wait for her to finish watching it...and her boyfriend was saying it was either me or "someone" who stole her flash card...and he doesn't want to see it end up on the internet! (there must be some good stuff on that card! lol) I told her I was not going to just sit there and wait for her, I had things to do...and then she said "I'm still watching this video, and I have already caught you in 3 lies, so you just wait!" At this point, I exclaim, "Fuck you guys!" and promptly walk out of the store! I could see it was only going to get much worse from there, as I was getting pretty pissed off and ready to start saying stupid things....which could be used against me later....I was SO outta there!

About a half hour later, a policeman is knocking at my door..(that is ALWAYS FUN!) and I know the guy because he also does security in my apartment building. He says, "Ok...let me hear your take of the story.." I explained the whole story above, and reiterated, "Why would I have even called them, If I was going to steal something out of their phone? Do I look like that much of an idiot?". He asked me few more questions about the scenario, and said I was not in any trouble and left. Now THIS is a fun way to spend a hangover!

I know the dude in the store and I seriously doubt he stole the flash card, because he is a really good guy, and he doesn't seem like that type of a person at all. Also, he let me call her from his store... why would he implicate himself that way? It just does NOT add up! My theory: It seemed that the "boyfriend" was using her phone by the way he acted...and I am guessing that there is some kind of dysfunctional, domestic BS going on...and HE stole the damned flash card, and is trying to blame it on someone else!

The moral of this story, if there is one, is...
Do the right thing...even if the people you are trying to help out don't appreciate it. THAT is when it's hard to do the right thing! I have learned that the things that come easy....usually lead me into trouble. The right things to do usually are a total pain in the ASS, and it seems that if you just get them over with, they were not quite such a pain in the ass ..once done. The golden rule..."Do onto others as you wish to be done to you" ...I have found I like myself a lot better when I follow this rule. At least I know I'm at least TRYING to not be just another one of "those assholes" out there walking around in the world!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Founder's Day at Mayflower Manor

This morning I went downstairs, and there were a bunch of Harley Davidsons parked out front, some bikers, and lot of other people standing waiting to be let in the building at the security door. I didn't realize today is Founder's Day and was totally surprised! I did read up on the history of this building which opened as the "Mayflower Hotel" in 1931. It was a top of the line 5-star hotel where movie stars and wealthy people would stay, and it must have been quite beautiful in it's day!

This is where a famous phone call from Bill W. got him connected with "Doctor Bob", and led to the founding of AA!

* That’s where they find a pay phone marking the spot where Bill Wilson — better known simply as “Bill W.” — made his fateful phone call in 1935, when the Mayflower was a hotel with a cocktail lounge.

“I’m a rum hound from New York, and I need help,” a desperate Bill W. said into the phone as he stared at the doors to the bar, fighting the urge to quench his destructive thirst.

The stranger on the other end of the phone was Henrietta Seiberling, the woman who would bring Bill W. and Dr. Robert Smith — a.k.a. “Dr. Bob” — together.

Seiberling introduced Bill W. to Dr. Bob on May 13, 1935. Dr. Bob was also being consumed by alcoholism and she had been asking God how she might help him. She saw Bill W.’s phone call as an answer to her prayer. Perhaps these two men could find strength in each other.

* From Akron Beacon Journal ~ Ref:

Alcoholics Anonymous has been saving and restoring lives, and also giving courage and hope to many people ever since it's founding in 1935, and the Mayflower Hotel is a part of that legacy. Next year I plan on being prepared for founder's day. I did manage to meet quite a few of our visitors, and even played my guitar in the Main lobby, and had people singing along and also playing my guitar. There was even a gentleman who was from Russia, and he asked if he could play my guitar, and of course I let him....and he sang "Haleluia" and a couple songs in Russian!

I had a great time hanging out, playing my guitar, singing and talking with all these wonderful people! I'm actually quite proud to be living here in the historic Mayflower Manor, where such a great program was put in motion from a simple telephone call!

Hopefully, I will still be living here, and It will still BE the Mayflower next year.....


Friday, June 7, 2013

Mayflower Manor Resident's Council Meeting

Good morning Akron, and points beyond!

The Mayflower Manor Resident's Council had it's regular monthly meeting last night, and here are some highlights: (Please be aware this is my blog, commentary, and my thoughts....not necessarily the views of everyone in the council.)

It was a pretty good meeting in spite of a special guest that was supposed to attend, but never showed up. It was someone who is going to run as city council for Ward 5 (the Downtown Akron area) in the upcoming September City Council election. I hope whatever made them not show up, was not because some emergency happened. :-|

I spoke about my plans for our new web-site, and also about how I think that the City of Akron buying our building is not the only reason that the Resident's Council is here, and my plans to set up a computer (or computers if I could get donated ones) for anyone who is interested to learn how to use the computer to access the internet to research, apply for help, medications, and find help cutting through the red-tape of our current "health care system" ...(I really think it is made overly complicated on purpose).

I actually enjoy helping people who are willing to make an effort to learn, and I have been in "Information Technology" for a long time, and have even studied how the "Global Village" is shaping, and changing our very society. It truly is an amazing tool, and many people are actually afraid of it because they just don't understand it. Knowledge truly IS empowerment! Anyone who doesn't understand that to simply be able go to "Google", do a search, and actually find the answer to ANY question truly a gift from God!.. then you are missing out on a LOT! People in general seem to fear what they don't understand....I am here to make the little light bulbs go on above your heads! I am here to help you SLAY your dragons, and learn to take hold of your own wheel, and DRIVE! I have many years in this field, and I would even like to teach a class once weekly or so for anyone who would like to learn! This is what I do, and also why I am here, folks... I care about all of you, and want to help you make you own life better!

Our Council Chair-person, Miss Bobo, spoke about the people who by their own actions, are endangering their chance at any aid in the relocation that is proposed. She discussed the importance of knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in the building, and how playing by the rules is very important if you want to be included in the relocation process. Our responsibility of the Resident's council is the welfare of everyone in the building, and if there are people bringing trouble, problems, or a "bad element" into our community...we would rather not have them living here! Nothing personal, everyone has problems...but some people don't even try to solve their own problems... and those people can bring down a whole neighborhood in the process. Being a total nerd and Star Trek fan, I will quote Mr. Spock here, and say:
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

She also spoke about how all of the tenants should start taking an inventory of all the things we currently have here, and what we will be willing to accept when the city tells us our choices of a future place to live. We need to get our ducks in a row, and be ready for them when (if, actually) they come knocking. It was also brought up that a new place will no longer have a "Resident's Council" representing them, and I thought that was an excellent point!

I also met the rest of the council members, and plan or working with all of them from here on out to make this the best possible community of neighbors and even friends, living here in the historic Mayflower Manor!

I don't know why, but when I was younger I always just wanted to get out of Akron...thinking that my "happiness" was out there, somewhere ELSE....waiting for me to "discover" it....funny thing...after I would get out there, time and again, I would still miss this old, historic, and very interesting town.. and the great friends and family I have here. Now, I am here living right down-town... and have I have finally discovered "home" is where the heart is! And now that I have stopped running and chasing, I have settled down, and walk in the park....and that little bluebird...just landed on my shoulder! I am smiling, and also....tired of running....and I realize that I really do love my home town of Akron, and the wonderful people here!

I am now ready to pay back the "Karma Gods". I feel I owe so much to those who have helped me out in the past. Now that I can stand on my own two feet, I am ready to give back to the greater good, to realize that there is a bigger picture, something much greater than just "me"....and I'm ready, and even thankful, to offer of myself freely for the good of others. I hope that somehow, I am inspiring someone else out there, because I am very tired of the cold and lonely place we humans are making of this world, and I will fight against the "powers that be" that are bringing us down! I believe we humans are capable of so much more, and even more...I dream it is actually POSSIBLE!

It's NEVER too late, folks! 8-)

I will close with an Ethiopian proverb:

"If spiders unite, they can tie down a lion."


Monday, August 6, 2012

Pictures of Mars!

Pictures of Mars!

I remember...back around 1995-96, I was living in Florida at the time, and I had a neighbor who a computer that was hooked up to the internet. He was showing me stuff, and explaining what all the stuff was, and eventually we came to a page where it was a live feed of the images one of the Mars Rovers was sending from Mars! Now, I was interested! I mean there were robots on Mars that we sent there, sending images back to earth, and I could watch it on this screen here with a connection to the internet? That is just too cool! I NEED to be on the internet!!!

At the time a computer cost about $1,500 - $2,000 for a halfway decent a 486 Mhz Machine (A machine that you can't anything with today) and I sure couldn't afford one of those! Then along came WebTV. for $200 dollars I could buy a box, and pay $25.00 a month for a dial-up connection to the internet. With a WebTV, you would get a remote control, and you could also get a wireless keyboard. You would use your television as the sound and monitor...and you were on the internet! I bought a WebTV Plus box right away, and that is how I first got started on the internet. Us landing another rover on Mars just brought back that memory, and I thought I'd share it for my first post on my new just seemed fitting somehow.

Anyways, Congrats to NASA one more time for landing Curiosity on Mars, to continue exploring, learning, and pushing the boundaries of space!