Friday, June 7, 2013

Mayflower Manor Resident's Council Meeting

Good morning Akron, and points beyond!

The Mayflower Manor Resident's Council had it's regular monthly meeting last night, and here are some highlights: (Please be aware this is my blog, commentary, and my thoughts....not necessarily the views of everyone in the council.)

It was a pretty good meeting in spite of a special guest that was supposed to attend, but never showed up. It was someone who is going to run as city council for Ward 5 (the Downtown Akron area) in the upcoming September City Council election. I hope whatever made them not show up, was not because some emergency happened. :-|

I spoke about my plans for our new web-site, and also about how I think that the City of Akron buying our building is not the only reason that the Resident's Council is here, and my plans to set up a computer (or computers if I could get donated ones) for anyone who is interested to learn how to use the computer to access the internet to research, apply for help, medications, and find help cutting through the red-tape of our current "health care system" ...(I really think it is made overly complicated on purpose).

I actually enjoy helping people who are willing to make an effort to learn, and I have been in "Information Technology" for a long time, and have even studied how the "Global Village" is shaping, and changing our very society. It truly is an amazing tool, and many people are actually afraid of it because they just don't understand it. Knowledge truly IS empowerment! Anyone who doesn't understand that to simply be able go to "Google", do a search, and actually find the answer to ANY question truly a gift from God!.. then you are missing out on a LOT! People in general seem to fear what they don't understand....I am here to make the little light bulbs go on above your heads! I am here to help you SLAY your dragons, and learn to take hold of your own wheel, and DRIVE! I have many years in this field, and I would even like to teach a class once weekly or so for anyone who would like to learn! This is what I do, and also why I am here, folks... I care about all of you, and want to help you make you own life better!

Our Council Chair-person, Miss Bobo, spoke about the people who by their own actions, are endangering their chance at any aid in the relocation that is proposed. She discussed the importance of knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in the building, and how playing by the rules is very important if you want to be included in the relocation process. Our responsibility of the Resident's council is the welfare of everyone in the building, and if there are people bringing trouble, problems, or a "bad element" into our community...we would rather not have them living here! Nothing personal, everyone has problems...but some people don't even try to solve their own problems... and those people can bring down a whole neighborhood in the process. Being a total nerd and Star Trek fan, I will quote Mr. Spock here, and say:
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

She also spoke about how all of the tenants should start taking an inventory of all the things we currently have here, and what we will be willing to accept when the city tells us our choices of a future place to live. We need to get our ducks in a row, and be ready for them when (if, actually) they come knocking. It was also brought up that a new place will no longer have a "Resident's Council" representing them, and I thought that was an excellent point!

I also met the rest of the council members, and plan or working with all of them from here on out to make this the best possible community of neighbors and even friends, living here in the historic Mayflower Manor!

I don't know why, but when I was younger I always just wanted to get out of Akron...thinking that my "happiness" was out there, somewhere ELSE....waiting for me to "discover" it....funny thing...after I would get out there, time and again, I would still miss this old, historic, and very interesting town.. and the great friends and family I have here. Now, I am here living right down-town... and have I have finally discovered "home" is where the heart is! And now that I have stopped running and chasing, I have settled down, and walk in the park....and that little bluebird...just landed on my shoulder! I am smiling, and also....tired of running....and I realize that I really do love my home town of Akron, and the wonderful people here!

I am now ready to pay back the "Karma Gods". I feel I owe so much to those who have helped me out in the past. Now that I can stand on my own two feet, I am ready to give back to the greater good, to realize that there is a bigger picture, something much greater than just "me"....and I'm ready, and even thankful, to offer of myself freely for the good of others. I hope that somehow, I am inspiring someone else out there, because I am very tired of the cold and lonely place we humans are making of this world, and I will fight against the "powers that be" that are bringing us down! I believe we humans are capable of so much more, and even more...I dream it is actually POSSIBLE!

It's NEVER too late, folks! 8-)

I will close with an Ethiopian proverb:

"If spiders unite, they can tie down a lion."


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