Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Democratic-Republican Party

I have been having many online conversations with both Republicans and Democrats, along with the few who call themselves Independent or Libertarian, etc. One thing I have noticed is, the Democrats and Republicans have been getting very nasty to each other online, and also in the "real world". I don't believe some of the things I read and hear from people on BOTH sides of the fence! What once was "We, The People" has become "Us and Them". We have been divided and conquered, my friends. And most of us don't even know it!

History lesson:
All of our founding fathers were Republicans originally, because they were actually forming a Republic.
Benjamin Franklin, when asked what type of Government they were forming, wisely answered, "A Republic, if you can keep it".
Mr. Franklin knew the ways of men and politics very well! It wasn't long before the Federalists wanted to take more power over the individual states.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison countered the Federalists by creating the Democratic-Republican Party. They could see the influence the aristocracies were having in Government from miles away, and the party was created to to keep Democracy in government. "We, The People" meant ALL of us...and each state would be able to Govern itself, without giving total power to the "Federal" Government. Unfortunately, after Jefferson's term in office, it all fell apart, and eventually became the Democrats and Republicans that we have to this day. Now instead of working things out within the one party, we fight each other tooth and nail about which side we are on. The results are that now a corporation or person can buy politicians, judges, and just about anyone they want to.

I am writing in the hopes that this will make some of you think, and stop fighting between yourselves! We are letting them destroy our Republic by pushing our hate buttons every day in the media. We argue over flags, gay rights, immigrants, guns, we even argue over which religion is the standard for our country. Meanwhile, in back rooms when no one is paying attention they pass legislation that affects us all....that no-one is even allowed to read! "If you want to keep your job, you'll sign here". It reminds me of the scene in "The Godfather" ..."Either your signature goes on that contract...or your brains do."

In conclusion, I'd like to say that in this world of technology, ignorance is a CHOICE!
The next time you see a post on facebook that you agree with, or even disagree with, for god's sake, at least research it a little to find out if it's even true before you just blindly pass it on!

A democracy of ignorant people is NOT working!! We must educate ourselves if we ever want to take back our country!

I say, bring back the Democratic-Republican Party, and start talking to each other like intelligent adults!!



  1. Your history is accurate. As for talking to each other like intelligent adults, I would say that the problem lies w/in the socialist/liberal people, no matter what political party they claim. They have no interest in having a "discussion." They want what they want and nothing less will do. They make their ridiculous claims based on purported, unsubstantiated or totally and utterly bias studies. When someone dares to counter their nonsense w/fact they are interrupted, talked over, or shouted down. If one dares to continue to try to speak, they are then abused w/vitriol, foul language, or other abusive verbiage until it is simply impossible for any rational person to continue. The liberal then claims championship, alleged rightness and superiority of their position. This is then followed by a carefully organized and orchestrated demonization of any and everything that stands in their way. With the wholehearted and willing support of the nation's media in hand with the educational system, and the liberals in government, exists a force we are not likely to overcome. Since the 60's they have practiced a system of incrementalism cutting away bits and pieces of the moral fabric of this nation to the point that each generation will know only one point of view, theirs.

  2. You think it's only "liberals" that do this? I'm saying BOTH parties are doing this. If you feel the need to bash liberals, and you are saying that all liberals are bad, and all conservatives are good...then you missed the whole point of my blog!

  3. You missed the second line where I said, "As for talking to each other like intelligent adults, I would say that the problem lies w/in the socialist/liberal people, no matter what political party they claim."

  4. It was exactly that line I was referring to in my reply. I suppose if I would just agree with you that it is only the liberals who are the problem, you would then agree with me. But still, you would be missing the whole point of my blog post.
    I guess some people will just never get what I'm trying to say....

  5. "I guess some people will just never get what I'm trying to say...." Siiggghhhh...I know exactly how you feel!
    You see, in your original post you write that you want what our founding fathers created that being freedom and less government tromping through peoples' lives which is the conservative ideology. It is the liberal ideology that cries out for MORE big government and control of individuals which IS socialism. And I don't care what party any individual may choose to affiliate themselves with, you'll find these individuals everywhere and their methodology is the same. Just about everything that liberals do is dedicated to the concept that only the government is fit to decide what is best for people and make sure they get it, whether they want it or not. This is NOT freedom.
    Conservatives are routinely demonized as not caring for their fellows because under the ideology of freedom some people do not prosper. The freedom to act and choose for oneself means that some people will succeed dramatically, others just get along, and some, yes, will fail. Its like the old story of the ant and the grasshopper--the ant laid up supplies for the winter while the grasshopper fiddled. Come winter, you can guess what happened to the grasshopper. But here's where conservatives can and very frequently did lend a hand by making donations for those who did not or could not provide for themselves. But when the government takes and takes from those who prosper that leaves less or nothing for donations. You will notice that under our present increase in government intrusion and taxation driven by cries to punish "the rich," i.e. those who have prospered in freedom, donations have decreased and charitable organizations foundered. But conservatives are blamed for that and called heartless. It is liberals claiming that they are "tolerant" and conservatives are not, insisting that it is their way or no way, that all must accept and operate under their ideology or not at all. It is the liberal ideology that has forced the closing of many Catholic and other Christian organizations and hospitals (who turned away no one) but had to close simply because they would not perform abortions. And yet, it is the conservatives that are called heartless. Here's an example that's typical of liberal ideology determined to protect us from ourselves: in New York a "law" was passed that makes it ILLEGAL to give food to the homeless or beggar asking for food. This is because the food donated by these heartless people is not government regulated. Better to let someone starve! In closing, this one all encompassing feature of the liberal is what gets me the most: that they constantly demonize and accuse conservatives as being and doing what the liberals in fact are and do. They accuse conservatives of being uncaring but they force the closing of charitable institutions. Liberals can fly their rainbow flags everywhere, yet Christians are called to fight for the right to keep a cross up. It has gotten where Christians had best not pray publicly or they are expelled from schools, sued or attacked physically but the homosexual can parade down Main Street USA in lewd costumes miming sexually explicit acts in front of all including children. In fact the whole of what is being done to children under the ideology of liberalism sickens me.

    1. Jillian really hate "liberals"....I get that... (my, you go on about it)!!! You just listed off a bunch of horrible things, and blamed it all on the "liberals"....How does it feel on your high "conservative" horse....looking down at the "liberals"? I have to say right now, I am actually more "conservative" than you in my actual I keep are missing the whole point of my blog....(I'm wondering if you even read it, at this point)!!!
      So, if you would please stop your tirade about how much you hate liberals for being you have anything constructive to add?

  6. I give you facts and you accuse me of 'hating.' I give you more facts and you ask me 'how I feel,' all typical 'liberal' tactics. Speaking of liberal tactics, yes, I did read the initial post. I also read those that followed. They are politically diametrically opposed. Understand you, oh yeah, I get ya. Have good one. Thanks for the 'discussion.'

  7. The facts here being that it is all the liberals who are to blame for everything, and the conservatives are the only ones who are doing anything right? I'm sorry but your "facts" are your "opinion"! If you insist on viewing the world as only black or white, it forces you to choose a have also pointed out, over and over, which side you have chosen. I think of the world as more like infinite shades of and white are just the extremes on both ends. I am somewhere in the middle...and I can admit that once in a while...I may be wrong about something.