Saturday, June 8, 2013

Founder's Day at Mayflower Manor

This morning I went downstairs, and there were a bunch of Harley Davidsons parked out front, some bikers, and lot of other people standing waiting to be let in the building at the security door. I didn't realize today is Founder's Day and was totally surprised! I did read up on the history of this building which opened as the "Mayflower Hotel" in 1931. It was a top of the line 5-star hotel where movie stars and wealthy people would stay, and it must have been quite beautiful in it's day!

This is where a famous phone call from Bill W. got him connected with "Doctor Bob", and led to the founding of AA!

* That’s where they find a pay phone marking the spot where Bill Wilson — better known simply as “Bill W.” — made his fateful phone call in 1935, when the Mayflower was a hotel with a cocktail lounge.

“I’m a rum hound from New York, and I need help,” a desperate Bill W. said into the phone as he stared at the doors to the bar, fighting the urge to quench his destructive thirst.

The stranger on the other end of the phone was Henrietta Seiberling, the woman who would bring Bill W. and Dr. Robert Smith — a.k.a. “Dr. Bob” — together.

Seiberling introduced Bill W. to Dr. Bob on May 13, 1935. Dr. Bob was also being consumed by alcoholism and she had been asking God how she might help him. She saw Bill W.’s phone call as an answer to her prayer. Perhaps these two men could find strength in each other.

* From Akron Beacon Journal ~ Ref:

Alcoholics Anonymous has been saving and restoring lives, and also giving courage and hope to many people ever since it's founding in 1935, and the Mayflower Hotel is a part of that legacy. Next year I plan on being prepared for founder's day. I did manage to meet quite a few of our visitors, and even played my guitar in the Main lobby, and had people singing along and also playing my guitar. There was even a gentleman who was from Russia, and he asked if he could play my guitar, and of course I let him....and he sang "Haleluia" and a couple songs in Russian!

I had a great time hanging out, playing my guitar, singing and talking with all these wonderful people! I'm actually quite proud to be living here in the historic Mayflower Manor, where such a great program was put in motion from a simple telephone call!

Hopefully, I will still be living here, and It will still BE the Mayflower next year.....


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